Deputy for Coordination of Civil Affairs

Technical Office, Civil Affairs and Traffic Transportation

1- Issuance of urban taxi transfer license to another city (it will take a maximum of one month)

2- Issuance of license for car technical inspection center (it will take a maximum of three months)

3- Complaints and tenders (it will take a maximum of 15 days)

4- Addressing the issues and problems of car technical inspection centers (it will take a maximum of 45 days)

5- Issuing a permit to leave the formalities of the province's construction projects (it will take a maximum of one month)

6- Responding to the referrals of the Article 99 Commission through the secretariat located in the technical office (it will take a
maximum of three months)

General Directorate of Crisis Management

1- Reporting the risks and damages caused by the occurrence of unexpected events, including:

  • Damage to farmers' products and livestock
  • Damage to agricultural resources and facilities
  • Damage to residential and commercial premises
  • Damage to vehicles
  • Damage to roads and infrastructure

2- Payment of damages caused by unexpected accidents and crises

Office of Urban Affairs and Councils

1- Solving the problems of councils and municipalities

2- Investigating the violations of the municipalities

Rural Office and Councils

1- Leading and supporting Islamic councils and villages and hamlets