The governorate of Sistan va Baluchestan is based on the ranking indices of governorates . The governorate has 26 governorates ( Zahedan , Mirjaveh , Zabol, Zahak, Hirmand, Nimrooz, Iranshahr, Chabahar, Nikshahr, Khash, Ssravan, Sarbaz, Fanoj, Sibsoran, Dalgan, Hamoon, Mehrestan, Ghasreghand, Konarak, Bampoor. Lashar, Dashtyari, Taftan, ZarAbad, Gulshan, Rask) and The 67 municipal governors , including the number of the city of Chabahar , Zabol and Iranshahr have a special administration . 

Introducing the boss

The High Representative of the Government in the province, Mr. Hossein Modarres Khiabani, is responsible for implementing the country's public policies.

Mission Statement

1. Applying the public policies of the government in relation to the duties of the executive bodies, institutions, etc., which somehow use the public budget of the government.

2. Providing and maintaining internal security and establishing order and tranquility in the province and establishing coordination between intelligence, law enforcement and military agencies

3. Efforts to achieve and develop political and social freedoms within the framework of the Constitution and other laws of the country and to ensure sustainable political and social development and improve the level of public participation in the province

4. Supervising the affairs of the police force in the province based on the duties mentioned in the law

5. Preventing security anomalies and determining the priorities of security and law enforcement policies in the province

6. Identifying and managing regional talents and determining the needs of the province and supervising the framework of the province and country development plan

7. Management, planning and guidance and budgeting of development projects, capital of the province with emphasis on regional development priorities

8. Coordination for the development of urban affairs of cities and villages and guidance and technical-executive support of municipalities, villages and monitoring the implementation of relevant laws and regulations in the province

9. Encouraging investors and providing appropriate facilities to motivate investment in the province

10. Supervising the process of setting local tolls according to the economic strength of the residents of the province, which is recommended through the Islamic councils of cities and villages

11. Chairing the meetings of the provincial development planning councils and its working groups and other commissions and committees that are the responsibility of the governorate according to the law

12. Planning and establishing coordination in the fight against drugs, arms smuggling, goods and currency in the province